Monday, February 6, 2012

1105.2381 (Wen-Chen Chang et al.)

Extraction of Various Five-Quark Components of the Nucleons    [PDF]

Wen-Chen Chang, Jen-Chieh Peng

1106.1344 (O. Buss et al.)

Transport-theoretical Description of Nuclear Reactions    [PDF]

O. Buss, T. Gaitanos, K. Gallmeister, H. van Hees, M. Kaskulov, O. Lalakulich, A. B. Larionov, T. Leitner, J. Weil, U. Mosel

1106.5120 (S. V. Akkelin et al.)

Deciphering non-femtoscopic two-pion correlations in $p+p$ collisions
with simple analytical models

S. V. Akkelin, Yu. M. Sinyukov

1107.2326 (A. B. Larionov et al.)

Kaon and hyperon production in antiproton-induced reactions on nuclei    [PDF]

A. B. Larionov, T. Gaitanos, U. Mosel

1110.1204 (F. F. Bellotti et al.)

A supercircle description of universal three-body states in two

F. F. Bellotti, T. Frederico, M. T. Yamashita, D. V. Fedorov, A. S. Jensen, N. T. Zinner

1202.0584 (Sergej Moroz)

On a scale-invariant Fermi gas in a time-dependent harmonic potential    [PDF]

Sergej Moroz

1202.0632 (Yasutaka Taniguchi et al.)

Enhancement of $^{16}$O + $^{18}$O sub-barrier fusion cross sections via
distortion of valence neutrons in $^{18}$O

Yasutaka Taniguchi, Yoshiko Kanada-En'yo, Tadahiro Suhara

1202.0646 (José Guilherme Milhano)

High-p_t in heavy ion collisions: an abridged theoretical overview    [PDF]

José Guilherme Milhano

1202.0724 (Klaus Heckmann et al.)

Chiral restoration effects on the shear viscosity of a pion gas    [PDF]

Klaus Heckmann, Michael Buballa, Jochen Wambach

1202.0734 (J. P. B. C. de Melo et al.)

Light-Front projection of spin-1 electromagnetic current and zero-modes    [PDF]

J. P. B. C. de Melo, T. Frederico

1202.0748 (A. B. Larionov et al.)

Strangeness production in antiproton-nucleus collisions    [PDF]

A. B. Larionov, T. Gaitanos, U. Mosel

1202.0758 (Tina Katharina Herbst et al.)

The Impact of Fluctuations on QCD Matter    [PDF]

Tina Katharina Herbst, Jan M. Pawlowski, Bernd-Jochen Schaefer

1202.0769 (Göran Fäldt)

Meson production in high-energy electron-nucleus scattering    [PDF]

Göran Fäldt

1202.0776 (James P. Kneller et al.)

Stimulated Neutrino Transformation in Supernovae    [PDF]

James P. Kneller, Gail C. McLaughlin, Kelly M. Patton