Thursday, March 28, 2013

1303.6355 (Qian Wang et al.)

Decoding the riddle of Y(4260) and $Z_c(3900)$    [PDF]

Qian Wang, Christoph Hanhart, Qiang Zhao

1303.6637 (Hsi-Ming Chang et al.)

Calculating Track-Based Observables for the LHC    [PDF]

Hsi-Ming Chang, Massimiliano Procura, Jesse Thaler, Wouter J. Waalewijn

1303.6677 (O. Lalakulich et al.)

GiBUU and Shallow Inelastic Scattering    [PDF]

O. Lalakulich, U. Mosel

1303.6720 (B. Acharya et al.)

Implications of a matter-radius measurement for the binding energy of,
and existence of excited Efimov states in, Carbon-22

B. Acharya, C. Ji, D. R. Phillips

1303.6735 (T. Mart)

Coupling strength of the $N^*(1535)S_{11}$ to the $K^+Λ$ channel    [PDF]

T. Mart

1303.6757 (Chengguang Bao)

Universal prohibited zones in the coordinate space of few-body systems    [PDF]

Chengguang Bao

1303.6778 (Jérémy Bonnard et al.)

A Constrained-Path Quantum Monte-Carlo Approach for the Nuclear Shell

Jérémy Bonnard, Olivier Juillet

1303.6818 (C. Alexandrou et al.)

Nucleon Structure using lattice QCD    [PDF]

C. Alexandrou, M. Constantinou, V. Drach, K. Hatziyiannakou, K. Jansen, C. Kallidonis, G. Koutsou, T. Leontiou, A. Vaquero

1303.6842 (Dian-Yong Chen et al.)

Predictions of charged charmonium-like structures with hidden-charm and
open-strange channel

Dian-Yong Chen, Xiang Liu, Takayuki Matsuki

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1112.1508 (Yasuhiro Kohno et al.)

Shear viscosity to relaxation time ratio in SU(3) lattice gauge theory    [PDF]

Yasuhiro Kohno, Masayuki Asakawa, Masakiyo Kitazawa

1303.6294 (Alexei Bazavov)

An overview of (selected) recent results in finite-temperature lattice

Alexei Bazavov

1303.6358 (Sidney A Coon)

Infrared and ultraviolet cutoffs in variational calculations with a
harmonic oscillator basis

Sidney A Coon

1303.6408 (Sukanya Mitra et al.)

Medium effects on the viscosities of a pion gas    [PDF]

Sukanya Mitra, Sourav Sarkar

1303.6423 (Mariola Klusek-Gawenda et al.)

Strong and Electromagnetic Forces in Heavy Ion Collisions    [PDF]

Mariola Klusek-Gawenda, Ewa Kozik, Andrzej Rybicki, Iwona Sputowska, Antoni Szczurek

1303.6425 (Gert Aarts et al.)

Controlling complex Langevin dynamics at finite density    [PDF]

Gert Aarts, Lorenzo Bongiovanni, Erhard Seiler, Denes Sexty, Ion-Olimpiu Stamatescu

1303.6508 (M. B. Barbaro et al.)

Superscaling in electron-nucleus scattering and its link to CC and NC QE
neutrino-nucleus scattering

M. B. Barbaro, J. E. Amaro, J. A. Caballero, T. W. Donnelly, R. Gonzalez-Jimenez, M. Ivanov, J. M. Udias

1303.6551 (Jürgen Struckmeier)

Emerging of massive gauge particles in inhomogeneous local gauge
transformations: replacement of Higgs mechanism

Jürgen Struckmeier

1303.6563 (Erwin Alhassan et al.)

Combining Total Monte Carlo and Benchmarks for nuclear data uncertainty
propagation on an LFRs safety parameters

Erwin Alhassan, Henrik Sjöstrand, Junfeng Duan, Cecilia Gustavsson, Arjan Koning, Stephan Pomp, Dimitri Rochman, Michael Österlund

1303.6608 (Feng-Kun Guo et al.)

Implications of Heavy Quark Symmetries on Hadronic Molecules:Heavy
Flavour Partners of the X(3872) and the $Z_b(10610)$/$Z_b(10650)$

Feng-Kun Guo, Carlos Hidalgo-Duque, Juan Nieves, Manuel Pavon Valderrama

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

1303.5769 (John Novak et al.)

Determining Fundamental Properties of Matter Created in
Ultrarelativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions

John Novak, Kevin Novak, Scott Pratt, Chris Coleman-Smith, Robert Wolpert

1303.5849 (T. P. Djun et al.)

Gluonic plasma dominated early universe within fluid QCD    [PDF]

T. P. Djun, M. K. N. Patmawijaya, R. Utama, L. T. Handoko

1303.5883 (M. T. Yamashita et al.)

Single-Particle Momentum Distributions of Efimov States in Mixed-Species

M. T. Yamashita, F. F. Bellotti, T. Frederico, D. V. Fedorov, A. S. Jensen, N. T. Zinner

1303.5911 (M. Gadella et al.)

Point-form dynamics of quasistable states    [PDF]

M. Gadella, F. Gómez-Cubillo, L. Rodriguez, S. Wickramasekara

1303.5920 (Myung-Ki Cheoun et al.)

Effects of the density-dependent weak form factors on the neutrino
reaction via neutral current for the nucleon in nuclear medium and $^{12}$C

Myung-Ki Cheoun, Ki-Seok Choi, K. S. Kim, Koichi Saito, Toshitaka Kajino, Kazuo Tsushima, Tomoyuki Maruyama

1303.5927 (H. Haider et al.)

A-dependence of weak nuclear structure functions    [PDF]

H. Haider, I. Ruiz Simo, M. Sajjad Athar

1303.5928 (H. Haider et al.)

Determination of $sin^{2}θ_W$ using $ν(\barν)$-Nucleus

H. Haider, I. Ruiz Simo, M. Sajjad Athar

1303.5979 (C. Alexandrou et al.)

Nucleon form factors and moments of generalized parton distributions
using $N_f=2+1+1$ twisted mass fermions

C. Alexandrou, M. Constantinou, S. Dinter, V. Drach, K. Jansen, C. Kallidonis, G. Koutsou

1303.6032 (S. X. Nakamura et al.)

Toward Construction of the Unified Lepton-Nucleus Interaction Model from
a Few Hundred MeV to GeV Region

S. X. Nakamura, Y. Hayato, M. Hirai, H. Kamano, S. Kumano, M. Sakuda, K. Saito, T. Sato

1303.6047 (D. Anchishkin et al.)

Nonequilibrium distribution functions of nucleons in relativistic
nucleus-nucleus collisions

D. Anchishkin, V. Naboka, J. Cleymans

1303.6081 (A. Fix et al.)

A Truncated partial wave analysis of a complete experiment for
photoproduction of two pseudoscalar mesons on a nucleon

A. Fix, H. Arenhoevel

1303.6097 (Nora Brambilla et al.)

Thermal width and quarkonium dissociation by inelastic parton scattering    [PDF]

Nora Brambilla, Miguel Angel Escobedo, Jacopo Ghiglieri, Antonio Vairo

1303.6098 (A. Günther et al.)

Giant Resonances based on Unitarily Transformed Two-Nucleon plus
Phenomenological Three-Nucleon Interactions

A. Günther, P. Papakonstantinou, R. Roth

1303.6115 (Junfeng Duan et al.)

Uncertainty study of nuclear model parameters for the n+ ^{56}Fe
reactions in the fast neutron region below 20 MeV

Junfeng Duan, Stephan Pomp, Henrik Sjöstrand, Erwin Alhassan, Cecilia Gustavsson, Michael Österlund, Arjan Koning, Dimitri Rochman

1303.6243 (A. Gezerlis et al.)

Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations with Chiral Effective Field Theory

A. Gezerlis, I. Tews, E. Epelbaum, S. Gandolfi, K. Hebeler, A. Nogga, A. Schwenk

1303.6245 (K. Van Houcke et al.)

Contact and Momentum Distribution of the Unitary Fermi Gas by Bold
Diagrammatic Monte Carlo

K. Van Houcke, F. Werner, E. Kozik, N. Prokof'ev, B. Svistunov

1303.6247 (U. Raha et al.)

Ordinary Muon Capture in Hydrogen Reexamined    [PDF]

U. Raha, F. Myhrer, K. Kubodera

Friday, March 22, 2013

1212.4747 (Dennis D. Dietrich et al.)

Towards a Born term for hadrons    [PDF]

Dennis D. Dietrich, Paul Hoyer, Matti Jarvinen

1303.5102 (V. Dexheimer et al.)

Stability windows for proto-quark stars    [PDF]

V. Dexheimer, J. R. Torres, D. P. Menezes

1303.5261 (Serdar Elhatisari et al.)

Causality, universality, and effective field theory for van der Waals

Serdar Elhatisari, Sebastian König, Dean Lee, H. -W. Hammer

1303.5280 (Adam Olszewski et al.)

Forward-backward multiplicity correlations in relativistic heavy-ion
collisions in a superposition approach

Adam Olszewski, Wojciech Broniowski

1303.5295 (Jacek Holeczek et al.)

New Physics in Neutron Beta Decay    [PDF]

Jacek Holeczek, Michal Ochman, Elzbieta Stephan, Marek Zralek

1303.5380 (Armen Sedrakian)

Rapid cooling of Cas A as a phase transition in dense QCD    [PDF]

Armen Sedrakian

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1110.0634 (Christian Forssén et al.)

Systematics of 2+ states in C isotopes from the ab initio no-core shell

Christian Forssén, Robert Roth, Petr Navrátil

1303.4097 (Andre de Gouvea et al.)

Lepton Flavor and Number Conservation, and Physics Beyond the Standard

Andre de Gouvea, Petr Vogel

1303.4124 (J. Kotila et al.)

Phase space factors for $β^+β^+$ decay and competing modes of
double-$β$ decay

J. Kotila, F. Iachello

1303.4132 (W. C. Haxton et al.)

Hadronic Parity Violation    [PDF]

W. C. Haxton, B. R. Holstein

1303.4136 (Lianyi He et al.)

BCS-BEC crossover at finite temperature in spin-orbit coupled Fermi

Lianyi He, Xu-Guang Huang, Hui Hu, Xia-Ji Liu

1303.4140 (Ming-Tao Li et al.)

A Study of P-wave Heavy Meson Interactions in A Chiral Quark Model    [PDF]

Ming-Tao Li, Wen-Ling Wang, Yu-Bing Dong, Zong-Ye Zhang

1303.4152 (S. X. Nakamura et al.)

Neutrino-induced meson productions off nucleon at forward limit in
nucleon resonance region

S. X. Nakamura, H. Kamano, T. -S. H. Lee, T. Sato

1303.4157 (J. M. M. Hall et al.)

A finite-volume matrix Hamiltonian model for a Delta -> nucleon-pion

J. M. M. Hall, A. C. -P. Hsu, D. B. Leinweber, A. W. Thomas, R. D. Young

1303.4198 (Georg P. Engel et al.)

QCD with Two Light Dynamical Chirally Improved Quarks    [PDF]

Georg P. Engel, C. B. Lang, Daniel Mohler, Andreas Schafer

1303.4252 (S. Courtin et al.)

Electromagnetic Decay of Molecular States    [PDF]

S. Courtin, A. Goasduff, F. Haas

1303.4308 (Stepan G. Mashnik et al.)

MCNP6 Fission Cross Section Calculations at Intermediate and High

Stepan G. Mashnik, Arnold J. Sierk, Richard E. Prael

1303.4311 (Leslie M. Kerby et al.)

Preequilibrium Emission of Light Fragments in Spallation Reactions    [PDF]

Leslie M. Kerby, Stepan G. Mashnik, Arnold J. Sierk

1303.4316 (Stepan G. Mashnik et al.)

MCNP6 Study of Fragmentation Products from 112Sn + 112Sn and 124Sn +
124Sn at 1 GeV/nucleon

Stepan G. Mashnik, Arnold J. Sierk

1303.4321 (Stepan G. Mashnik et al.)

MCNP6 Simulation of Quasi-Monoenergetic 7Li(p,n) Neutron Sources below
150 MeV

Stepan G. Mashnik, Jeffrey S. Bull

1303.4326 (W. R. Zimmerman et al.)

Unambiguous Identification of the Second 2+ State in 12C and the
Structure of the Hoyle State

W. R. Zimmerman, M. W. Ahmed, B. Bromberger, S. C. Stave, A. Breskin, V. Dangendorf, Th. Delbar, M. Gai, S. S. Henshaw, J. M. Mueller, C. Sun, K. Tittelmeier, H. R. Weller, Y. K. Wu

1303.4332 (Ahmed Rashed et al.)

Tau neutrino as a probe of nonstandard interaction    [PDF]

Ahmed Rashed, Preet Sharma, Alakabha Datta

1303.4494 (J. W. Shin et al.)

Polarization of the neutron induced from hadronic weak interactions in
the photo-disintegration of the deuteron

J. W. Shin, C. H. Hyun, S. -I. Ando, S. W. Hong

1303.4500 (Hajime Sotani et al.)

Possible Constraints on the Density Dependence of the Nuclear Symmetry
Energy from Quasiperiodic Oscillations in Soft Gamma Repeaters

Hajime Sotani, Ken'ichiro Nakazato, Kei Iida, Kazuhiro Oyamatsu

1303.4506 (J. Rafelski et al.)

Compact Ultradense Objects in the Solar System    [PDF]

J. Rafelski, Ch. Dietl, L. Labun

1303.4553 (M. Sambataro et al.)

Treatment of like-particle pairing with quartets    [PDF]

M. Sambataro, N. Sandulescu

1303.4582 (M. S. Hussein et al.)

Complete Fusion of Weakly Bound Cluster-Type Nuclei at Near Barrier

M. S. Hussein, P. R. S. Gomes, J. Lubian, R. Linares, L. F. Canto

1303.4633 (F. Gelis et al.)

Classical statistical computation of the Schwinger mechanism    [PDF]

F. Gelis, N. Tanji

1303.4637 (R. Bevilacqua et al.)

Light-ion production from O, Si, Fe and Bi induced by 175 MeV
quasi-monoenergetic neutron

R. Bevilacqua, S. Pomp, K. Jansson, C. Gustavsson, M. Osterlund, V. Simutkin, M. Hayashi, S. Hirayama, Y. Naitou, Y. Watanabe, A. Hjalmarsson, A. Prokofiev, U. Tippawan, F. -R. Lecolley, N. Marie, S. Leray, J. -C. David, S. Mashnik

1303.4656 (Hua Zheng et al.)

Comment on 'Evidence for Stratification of Deuterium-Tritium Fuel in
Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions'

Hua Zheng, Aldo Bonasera

1303.4660 (Matteo Rinaldi et al.)

Studying the neutron orbital structure by coherent hard exclusive
processes off 3He

Matteo Rinaldi, Sergio Scopetta

1303.4662 (K. Hebeler et al.)

Equation of state and neutron star properties constrained by nuclear
physics and observation

K. Hebeler, J. M. Lattimer, C. J. Pethick, A. Schwenk

1303.4674 (A. Ekström et al.)

An optimized chiral nucleon-nucleon interaction at
next-to-next-to-leading order

A. Ekström, G. Baardsen, C. Forssén, G. Hagen, M. Hjorth-Jensen, G. R. Jansen, R. Machleidt, W. Nazarewicz, T. Papenbrock, J. Sarich, S. M. Wild

1303.4698 (Yoritaka Iwata)

Time-scaled scenario of low-energy heavy-ion collisions    [PDF]

Yoritaka Iwata

Monday, March 18, 2013

1303.3581 (Tarik Siddik)

Study of some steller iron group fusion materials for (n,p) reactions    [PDF]

Tarik Siddik

1303.3659 (Ning Wang et al.)

Nuclear symmetry energy from the Fermi-energy difference in nuclei    [PDF]

Ning Wang, Li Ou, Min Liu

1303.3686 (Marcus Bleicher et al.)

Fluid dynamics near the QCD critical point    [PDF]

Marcus Bleicher, Christoph Herold

1303.3742 (Rainer Stiele et al.)

QCD thermodynamics of effective models with an improved Polyakov-loop

Rainer Stiele, Lisa M. Haas, Jens Braun, Jan M. Pawlowski, Juergen Schaffner-Bielich

1303.3804 (Matteo Rinaldi et al.)

Generalized parton distributions of 3He and the neutron orbital

Matteo Rinaldi, Sergio Scopetta

1303.3854 (J. Martin Camalich)

Applications of baryon chiral perturbation theory. A topical example:
The nucleon sigma terms

J. Martin Camalich

1303.3874 (A. B. Balantekin et al.)

Neutrinos in Cosmology and Astrophysics    [PDF]

A. B. Balantekin, G. M. Fuller

Friday, March 15, 2013

1303.2693 (Daniel Müller et al.)

Dyson-Schwinger approach to color superconductivity at finite
temperature and density

Daniel Müller, Michael Buballa, Jochen Wambach

1303.3273 (Xingbo Zhao et al.)

Scattering in Time-Dependent Basis Light-Front Quantization    [PDF]

Xingbo Zhao, Anton Ilderton, Pieter Maris, James P. Vary

1303.3282 (Wynn C. G. Ho et al.)

The hottest superfluid and superconductor in the Universe: Discovery and
nuclear physics implications

Wynn C. G. Ho, Nils Andersson, Cristobal M. Espinoza, Kostas Glampedakis, Brynmor Haskell, Craig O. Heinke

1303.3338 (Hirosato Ono et al.)

On the effect of secondary protons on baryon and proton number cumulants
in event-by-event analysis

Hirosato Ono, Masayuki Asakawa, Masakiyo Kitazawa

1303.3346 (Zhen-Hua Zhang et al.)

Nuclear superfluidity for antimagnetic rotation in $^{105}$Cd and

Zhen-Hua Zhang, Peng-Wei Zhao, Jie Meng, Jin-Yan Zeng, En-Guang Zhao, Shan-Gui Zhou

1303.3353 (Sreemoyee Sarkar et al.)

Drag and Diffusion coefficients in extreme scenarios of temperature and
chemical potential

Sreemoyee Sarkar, Abhee K. Dutt-Mazumder

1303.3364 (A. I. Milstein et al.)

Kinetics of polarization in non-relativistic scattering    [PDF]

A. I. Milstein, S. G. Salnikov

1303.3431 (F. Becattini et al.)

Relativistic distribution function for particles with spin at local
thermodynamical equilibrium

F. Becattini, V. Chandra, L. Del Zanna, E. Grossi

1303.3493 (Helmut Satz)

Calibrating the In-Medium Behavior of Quarkonia    [PDF]

Helmut Satz

1303.3571 (Ho-Ung Yee)

Flows and polarization of early photons with magnetic field at strong

Ho-Ung Yee

Thursday, March 14, 2013

1102.1542 (Bhupali Sharma)

Variational Monte-carlo study of ${_{ΛΛ}^4}H$    [PDF]

Bhupali Sharma

1303.3063 (Zhong-Bo Kang et al.)

Probing nuclear dynamics in jet production with a global event shape    [PDF]

Zhong-Bo Kang, Xiaohui Liu, Sonny Mantry, Jian-Wei Qiu

1303.3124 (L. E. Marcucci et al.)

The proton-proton weak capture in chiral effective field theory    [PDF]

L. E. Marcucci, R. Schiavilla, M. Viviani

1303.3156 (W. Dekens et al.)

Renormalization Group Running of Dimension-Six Sources of Parity and
Time-Reversal Violation

W. Dekens, J. de Vries

1303.3178 (M. Ruggieri et al.)

Elliptic Flow from Nonequilibrium Color Glass Condensate Initial

M. Ruggieri, F. Scardina, S. Plumari, V. Greco

1303.3223 (Tamer Boz et al.)

Phase transitions and gluodynamics in 2-colour matter at high density    [PDF]

Tamer Boz, Seamus Cotter, Leonard Fister, Dhagash Mehta, Jon-Ivar Skullerud

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

1303.2666 (T. Rauscher et al.)

Constraining the astrophysical origin of the p-nuclei through nuclear
physics and meteoritic data

T. Rauscher, N. Dauphas, I. Dillmann, C. Fröhlich, Zs. Fülöp, Gy. Gyürky

1303.2684 (Daisuke Satow)

Ultrasoft fermion mode and off-diagonal Boltzmann equation in
quark-gluon plasma at high temperature

Daisuke Satow

1303.2736 (Gary T. Howell)

Nuclei as Probes of Meson-Nucleon Interactions at High and Low Energy    [PDF]

Gary T. Howell

1303.2765 (Jia Jie Li et al.)

Superheavy magic structures and relativistic pseudo-spin symmetry    [PDF]

Jia Jie Li, Wen Hui Long, Jerome Margueron, Nguyen Van Giai

1303.2858 (J. P. Lansberg)

Psi(2S) production in proton-proton collisions at RHIC, Tevatron and LHC

J. P. Lansberg

1303.2882 (Piotr Lebiedowicz et al.)

Exclusive $p p \to p p π^{0}$ reaction at high energies    [PDF]

Piotr Lebiedowicz, Antoni Szczurek

1303.2898 (Won-Gi Paeng et al.)

$ω$-Nucleon Interaction and Nucleon Mass in Dense Baryonic Matter    [PDF]

Won-Gi Paeng, Hyun Kyu Lee, Mannque Rho, Chihiro Sasaki

1303.2936 (Tom Vrancx et al.)

The incompleteness of complete pseudoscalar-meson photoproduction    [PDF]

Tom Vrancx, Jan Ryckebusch, Tom Van Cuyck, Pieter Vancraeyveld

1303.2943 (P. Schuck)

Alpha-Particle condensation in nuclear systems: present status and

P. Schuck

1303.2976 (Yukinao Akamatsu)

In-medium QCD forces at high temperature    [PDF]

Yukinao Akamatsu

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

1101.0087 (Sandra S. Padula et al.)

Update on the status of Hadronic Squeezed Correlations at RHIC Energies    [PDF]

Sandra S. Padula, Danuce M. Dudek, Otavio Socolowski Jr

1303.2126 (A. Calle Cordon et al.)

Nucleon and Delta axial-vector couplings in 1/Nc - Baryon Chiral
Perturbation Theory

A. Calle Cordon, J. L. Goity

1303.2183 (Xie Yi-Long et al.)

Self-similar fractality in central Au-Au collisions at $\sqrt s=$200 GeV    [PDF]

Xie Yi-Long, Chen Gang, Wu Juan, Wang Mei-Juan, Chen Huan

1303.2196 (Xin-Jian Wen)

Equation of state in hybrid stars and the stability window of quark

Xin-Jian Wen

1303.2210 (Sinya Aoki et al.)

Asymptotic behavior of Nambu-Bethe-Salpeter wave functions for
multi-particles in quantum field theories

Sinya Aoki, Noriyoshi Ishii, Takumi Doi, Yoichi Ikeda, Takashi Inoue

1303.2272 (A. B. Balantekin et al.)

Neutrino Oscillations    [PDF]

A. B. Balantekin, W. C. Haxton

1303.2281 (Gary T. Howell et al.)

Incoherent $J/ψ$ electroproduction from the deuteron at JLab energies
and the elastic $J/ψ$-nucleon scattering amplitude

Gary T. Howell, Gerald A. Miller

1303.2291 (Motohiko Kusakabe et al.)

A Big-Bang Nucleosynthesis Limit on the Neutral Fermion Decays into

Motohiko Kusakabe, A. B. Balantekin, Toshitaka Kajino, Y. Pehlivan

1303.2360 (Guangyao Chen et al.)

Global Flow of Glasma in High Energy Nuclear Collisions    [PDF]

Guangyao Chen, Rainer J. Fries

1303.2371 (Jonathan Engel et al.)

Electric Dipole Moments of Nucleons, Nuclei, and Atoms: The Standard
Model and Beyond

Jonathan Engel, Michael J. Ramsey-Musolf, U. van Kolck

1303.2440 (Sarbani Majumder)

Heavy dilepton in nucleus nucleus collision at LHC energy    [PDF]

Sarbani Majumder

1303.2476 (Santosh K. Das et al.)

Heavy flavor suppression: role of hadronic matter    [PDF]

Santosh K. Das, Sabyasachi Ghosh, Sourav Sarkar, Jan-e Alam

1303.2493 (Martin Veselsky et al.)

Symmetry energy and nucleon-nucleon cross sections    [PDF]

Martin Veselsky, Yu-Gang Ma

1303.2562 (M. Dutra et al.)

Relativistic Mean-Field Models and Nuclear Matter Constraints    [PDF]

M. Dutra, O. Lourenço, B. V. Carlson, A. Delfino, D. P. Menezes, S. S. Avancini, J. R. Stone, C. Providência, S. Typel

1303.2588 (The MiniBooNE Collaboration et al.)

Indication of Electron Antineutrino Appearance at the $Δm^2 \sim$
1 $\mathrm{eV}^{2}$ Scale

The MiniBooNE Collaboration, A. A. Aguilar-Arevalo, B. C. Brown, L. Bugel, G. Cheng, E. D. Church, J. M. Conrad, R. Dharmapalan, Z. Djurcic, D. A. Finley, R. Ford, F. G. Garcia, G. T. Garvey, J. Grange, W. Huelsnitz, C. Ignarra, R. Imlay, R. A. Johnson, G. Karagiorgi, T. Katori, T. Kobilarcik, W. C. Louis, C. Mariani, W. Marsh, G. B. Mills, J. Mirabal, C. D. Moore, J. Mousseau, P. Nienaber, B. Osmanov, Z. Pavlovic, D. Perevalov, C. C. Polly, H. Ray, B. P. Roe, A. D. Russell, M. H. Shaevitz, J. Spitz, I. Stancu, R. Tayloe, R. G. Van de Water, D. H. White, D. A. Wickremasinghe, G. P. Zeller, E. D. Zimmerman

1303.2604 (Xu Cao et al.)

Coupled-channel analysis of $KΣ$ production on the nucleon up to
2.0 GeV

Xu Cao, V. Shklyar, H. Lenske

Thursday, March 7, 2013

1303.1206 (A. V. Afanasjev)

Fission of actinides and superheavy nuclei: covariant density functional
theory perspective

A. V. Afanasjev

1303.1231 (Jun Song et al.)

Baryon-antibaryon production asymmetry in relativistic heavy ion

Jun Song, Feng-lan Shao

1303.1262 (Péter Kálmán et al.)

Resonance-like nuclear processes in solids: 3rd and 4th order processes    [PDF]

Péter Kálmán, Tamás Keszthelyi

1303.1268 (Péter Kálmán et al.)

Near threshold laser-assisted nuclear photoeffect    [PDF]

Péter Kálmán, Dániel Péter Kis, Tamás Keszthelyi

1303.1270 (Giuseppe Colucci et al.)

Impact of relativistic chiral one-pion exchange on nuclear matter

Giuseppe Colucci, Armen Sedrakian, Dirk H. Rischke

1303.1315 (D. Kobyakov et al.)

Dynamics of the inner crust of neutron stars: hydrodynamics, elasticity
and collective modes

D. Kobyakov, C. J. Pethick

1303.1330 (P. Mohr et al.)

Examination and experimental constraints of the stellar reaction rate
factor $N_A < σv >$ of the $^{18}$Ne($α$,$p$)$^{21}$Na reaction at
temperatures of X-Ray Bursts

P. Mohr, A. Matic

1303.1343 (Susanne Kreim et al.)

Nuclear Masses and Neutron Stars    [PDF]

Susanne Kreim, Matthias Hempel, David Lunney, Jürgen Schaffner-Bielich

1303.1368 (Peter Mohr)

Total reaction cross section $σ_{\rm{reac}}$ of $α$-induced
reactions from elastic scattering: the example

Peter Mohr

1303.1425 (Péter Kálmán et al.)

Laser-assisted nuclear photoeffect reexamined    [PDF]

Péter Kálmán, Dániel P. Kis, Tamás Keszthelyi

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

1303.0871 (M. Gazdzicki et al.)

On Normalization of Strongly Intensive Quantities    [PDF]

M. Gazdzicki, M. I. Goresntein, M. Mackowiak-Pawlowska

1303.0899 (J. C. Helo et al.)

Neutrinoless double beta decay at the LHC    [PDF]

J. C. Helo, M. Hirsch, S. G. Kovalenko, H. Pas

1303.0901 (STAR Collaboration et al.)

Measurement of Charge Multiplicity Asymmetry Correlations in High Energy
Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions at 200 GeV

STAR Collaboration, L. Adamczyk, J. K. Adkins, G. Agakishiev, M. M. Aggarwal, Z. Ahammed, A. V. Alakhverdyants, I. Alekseev, J. Alford, C. D. Anson, D. Arkhipkin, E. Aschenauer, G. S. Averichev, J. Balewski, A. Banerjee, Z. Barnovska, D. R. Beavis, R. Bellwied, M. J. Betancourt, R. R. Betts, A. Bhasin, A. K. Bhati, H. Bichsel, J. Bielcik, J. Bielcikova, L. C. Bland, I. G. Bordyuzhin, W. Borowski, J. Bouchet, A. V. Brandin, S. G. Brovko, E. Bruna, S. Bültmann, I. Bunzarov, T. P. Burton, J. Butterworth, X. Z. Cai, H. Caines, M. Calderón de la Barca Sánchez, D. Cebra, R. Cendejas, M. C. Cervantes, P. Chaloupka, Z. Chang, S. Chattopadhyay, H. F. Chen, J. H. Chen, J. Y. Chen, L. Chen, J. Cheng, M. Cherney, A. Chikanian, W. Christie, P. Chung, J. Chwastowski, M. J. M. Codrington, R. Corliss, J. G. Cramer, H. J. Crawford, X. Cui, S. Das, A. Davila Leyva, L. C. De Silva, R. R. Debbe, T. G. Dedovich, J. Deng, R. Derradi de Souza, S. Dhamija, L. Didenko, F. Ding, A. Dion, P. Djawotho, X. Dong, J. L. Drachenberg, J. E. Draper, C. M. Du, L. E. Dunkelberger, J. C. Dunlop, L. G. Efimov, M. Elnimr, J. Engelage, G. Eppley, L. Eun, O. Evdokimov, R. Fatemi, S. Fazio, J. Fedorisin, R. G. Fersch, P. Filip, E. Finch, Y. Fisyak, E. Flores, C. A. Gagliardi, D. R. Gangadharan, D. Garand, F. Geurts, A. Gibson, S. Gliske, Y. N. Gorbunov, O. G. Grebenyuk, D. Grosnick, A. Gupta, S. Gupta, W. Guryn, B. Haag, O. Hajkova, A. Hamed, L-X. Han, J. W. Harris, J. P. Hays-Wehle, S. Heppelmann, A. Hirsch, G. W. Hoffmann, D. J. Hofman, S. Horvat, B. Huang, H. Z. Huang, P. Huck, T. J. Humanic, G. Igo, W. W. Jacobs, C. Jena, E. G. Judd, S. Kabana, K. Kang, J. Kapitan, K. Kauder, H. W. Ke, D. Keane, A. Kechechyan, A. Kesich, D. P. Kikola, J. Kiryluk, I. Kisel, A. Kisiel, V. Kizka, D. D. Koetke, T. Kollegger, J. Konzer, I. Koralt, L. Koroleva, W. Korsch, L. Kotchenda, P. Kravtsov, K. Krueger, I. Kulakov, L. Kumar, M. A. C. Lamont, J. M. Landgraf, K. D. Landry, S. LaPointe, J. Lauret, A. Lebedev, R. Lednicky, J. H. Lee, W. Leight, M. J. LeVine, C. Li, W. Li, X. Li, X. Li, Y. Li, Z. M. Li, L. M. Lima, M. A. Lisa, F. Liu, T. Ljubicic, W. J. Llope, R. S. Longacre, Y. Lu, X. Luo, A. Luszczak, G. L. Ma, Y. G. Ma, D. M. M. D. Madagodagettige Don, D. P. Mahapatra, R. Majka, S. Margetis, C. Markert, H. Masui, H. S. Matis, D. McDonald, T. S. McShane, S. Mioduszewski, M. K. Mitrovski, Y. Mohammed, B. Mohanty, M. M. Mondal, B. Morozov, M. G. Munhoz, M. K. Mustafa, M. Naglis, B. K. Nandi, Md. Nasim, T. K. Nayak, J. M. Nelson, L. V. Nogach, J. Novak, G. Odyniec, A. Ogawa, K. Oh, A. Ohlson, V. Okorokov, E. W. Oldag, R. A. N. Oliveira, D. Olson, P. Ostrowski, M. Pachr, B. S. Page, S. K. Pal, Y. X. Pan, Y. Pandit, Y. Panebratsev, T. Pawlak, B. Pawlik, H. Pei, C. Perkins, W. Peryt, P. Pile, M. Planinic, J. Pluta, N. Poljak, J. Porter, C. B. Powell, N. K. Pruthi, M. Przybycien, P. R. Pujahari, J. Putschke, H. Qiu, S. Ramachandran, R. Raniwala, S. Raniwala, R. L. Ray, R. Redwine, C. K. Riley, H. G. Ritter, J. B. Roberts, O. V. Rogachevskiy, J. L. Romero, J. F. Ross, L. Ruan, J. Rusnak, N. R. Sahoo, P. K. Sahu, I. Sakrejda, S. Salur, A. Sandacz, J. Sandweiss, E. Sangaline, A. Sarkar, J. Schambach, R. P. Scharenberg, A. M. Schmah, B. Schmidke, N. Schmitz, T. R. Schuster, J. Seele, J. Seger, I. Selyuzhenkov, P. Seyboth, N. Shah, E. Shahaliev, M. Shao, B. Sharma, M. Sharma, S. S. Shi, Q. Y. Shou, E. P. Sichtermann, R. N. Singaraju, M. J. Skoby, D. Smirnov, N. Smirnov, D. Solanki, P. Sorensen, U. G. deSouza, H. M. Spinka, B. Srivastava, T. D. S. Stanislaus, S. G. Steadman, J. R. Stevens, R. Stock, M. Strikhanov, B. Stringfellow, A. A. P. Suaide, M. C. Suarez, M. Sumbera, X. M. Sun, Y. Sun, Z. Sun, B. Surrow, D. N. Svirida, T. J. M. Symons, A. Szanto de Toledo, J. Takahashi, A. H. Tang, Z. Tang, L. H. Tarini, T. Tarnowsky, J. H. Thomas, J. Tian, A. R. Timmins, D. Tlusty, M. Tokarev, S. Trentalange, R. E. Tribble, P. Tribedy, B. A. Trzeciak, O. D. Tsai, J. Turnau, T. Ullrich, D. G. Underwood, G. Van Buren, G. van Nieuwenhuizen, J. A. Vanfossen, Jr., R. Varma, G. M. S. Vasconcelos, F. Videbæk, Y. P. Viyogi, S. Vokal, A. Vossen, M. Wada, F. Wang, H. Wang, J. S. Wang, Q. Wang, X. L. Wang, Y. Wang, G. Webb, J. C. Webb, G. D. Westfall, C. Whitten Jr., H. Wieman, S. W. Wissink, R. Witt, Y. F. Wu, Z. Xiao, W. Xie, K. Xin, H. Xu, N. Xu, Q. H. Xu, W. Xu, Y. Xu, Z. Xu, L. Xue, Y. Yang, Y. Yang, P. Yepes, L. Yi, K. Yip, I-K. Yoo, M. Zawisza, H. Zbroszczyk, J. B. Zhang, S. Zhang, X. P. Zhang, Y. Zhang, Z. P. Zhang, F. Zhao, J. Zhao, C. Zhong, X. Zhu, Y. H. Zhu, Y. Zoulkarneeva, M. Zyzak

1303.0905 (Calvin W. Johnson et al.)

Factorization in large-scale many-body calculations    [PDF]

Calvin W. Johnson, W. Erich Ormand, Plamen G. Krastev

1303.0907 (C. A. Bertulani)

Nucleosynthesis: what direct reactions can do for it?    [PDF]

C. A. Bertulani

1303.0913 (Michal Petran et al.)

Universal hadronization condition from RHIC to LHC    [PDF]

Michal Petran, Johann Rafelski

1303.0931 (M. G. Kozlov et al.)

Exchange assisted tunneling and positron annihilation on inner atomic

M. G. Kozlov, V. V. Flambaum

1303.0959 (Gao-Chan Yong et al.)

Effects of nuclear symmetry energy on eta meson production and its rare
decay to the dark U-boson in heavy-ion reactions

Gao-Chan Yong, Bao-An Li

1303.0960 (C. Beck)

Clustering effects induced by light nuclei    [PDF]

C. Beck

1303.1071 (R. Aguirre)

Nuclear matter superfluidity in an effective hadronic field model with
excluded volume corrections

R. Aguirre

1303.1078 (Péter K álm án et al.)

Nuclear processes in solids: basic 2nd-order processes    [PDF]

Péter K álm án, Tam ás Keszthelyi

1303.1138 (Adam Bzdak et al.)

Contributions to the event-by-event charge asymmetry dependence for the
elliptic flow of pi^{+} and pi^{-} in heavy-ion collisions

Adam Bzdak, Piotr Bozek

1303.1164 (E. Olsen et al.)

The landscape of two-proton radioactivity    [PDF]

E. Olsen, M. Pfützner, N. Birge, M. Brown, W. Nazarewicz, A. Perhac

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

1109.3108 (Wen-Chen Chang et al.)

Probing flavor-dependent EMC effect with W boson production    [PDF]

Wen-Chen Chang, Ian Cloet, Dipangkar Dutta, Jen-Chieh Peng

1303.0059 (C. J. Horowitz)

Neutron rich nuclei and neutron stars    [PDF]

C. J. Horowitz

1303.0063 (Fengbo Xiong et al.)

Influence of initial size on higher cumulant ratios of net-proton number

Fengbo Xiong, Lizhu Chen, Lin Li, Zhiming Li, Yuanfang Wu

1303.0064 (Matthew Meixner et al.)

The NDL Equation of State for Supernova Simulations    [PDF]

Matthew Meixner, J. Pocahontas Olson, Grant Mathews, N. Q. Lan, H. E. Dalhed

1303.0067 (Takatoshi Ichikawa et al.)

The character and prevalence of third minima in actinide fission

Takatoshi Ichikawa, Peter Möller, Arnold J Sierk

1303.0125 (J. R. Pelaez)

Present status of light flavoured scalar resonances    [PDF]

J. R. Pelaez

1303.0197 (Yue Shi et al.)

Deformations and quasiparticle spectra of nuclei in the nobelium region    [PDF]

Yue Shi, J. Dobaczewski, P. T. Greenlees, J. Toivanen, P. Toivanen

1303.0236 (A. B. Larionov et al.)

Charmonium production in antiproton-nucleus reactions at low energies    [PDF]

A. B. Larionov, M. Bleicher, A. Gillitzer, M. Strikman

1303.0318 (Abhijit Majumder)

Estimating $\hat{q}$ in Quenched Lattice SU(2) Gauge Theory    [PDF]

Abhijit Majumder

1303.0331 (J. P. Mitchell et al.)

Structure of 8B from elastic and inelastic 7Be+p scattering    [PDF]

J. P. Mitchell, G. V. Rogachev, E. D. Johnson, L. T. Baby, K. W. Kemper, A. M. Moro, P. Peplowski, A. S. Volya, I. Wiedenhoever

1303.0552 (Kazuyuki Sekizawa et al.)

Time-dependent Hartree-Fock calculations for multinucleon transfer
processes in $^{40, 48}$Ca+$^{124}$Sn, $^{40}$Ca+$^{208}$Pb, and
$^{58}$Ni+$^{208}$Pb reactions

Kazuyuki Sekizawa, Kazuhiro Yabana

1303.0596 (Marcela Gonzalez et al.)

Limits on Lepton Flavor Violation from μ-e-conversion    [PDF]

Marcela Gonzalez, Thomas Gutsche, Juan Carlos Helo, Sergey Kovalenko, Valery E. Lyubovitskij, Ivan Schmidt

1303.0604 (E. Olsen et al.)

Reflection-asymmetric nuclear deformations within the Density Functional

E. Olsen, J. Erler, W. Nazarewicz, M. Stoitsov

1303.0610 (Hee-Jung Lee et al.)

QCD sum rule study on the $f_0(980)$ structure as a pure $K \bar{K}$
bound state

Hee-Jung Lee, N. I. Kochelev, Yongseok Oh

1303.0621 (Bing-Nan Lu et al.)

Potential energy surfaces of actinide and transfermium nuclei from
multi-dimensional constraint covariant density functional theories

Bing-Nan Lu, Jie Zhao, En-Guang Zhao, Shan-Gui Zhou

1303.0630 (Bing-Nan Lu et al.)

Exact conservation and breaking of pseudospin symmetry in single
particle resonant states

Bing-Nan Lu, En-Guang Zhao, Shan-Gui Zhou

1303.0675 (Sukanya Mitra et al.)

Characterizing quark gluon plasma by thermal photons and lepton pairs    [PDF]

Sukanya Mitra, Payal Mohanty, Sabyasachi Ghosh, Sourav Sarkar, Jan-e Alam

1303.0748 (Denis Lacroix et al.)

Quantal corrections to mean-field dynamics including pairing    [PDF]

Denis Lacroix, Danilo Gambacurta, Sakir Ayik

Friday, March 1, 2013

1212.5231 (Gert Aarts et al.)

Stability of complex Langevin dynamics in effective models    [PDF]

Gert Aarts, Frank A. James, Jan M. Pawlowski, Erhard Seiler, Denes Sexty, Ion-Olimpiu Stamatescu

1302.7016 (M. R. Schindler)

Hadronic parity violation in effective field theory    [PDF]

M. R. Schindler

1302.7038 (Jacquelyn Noronha-Hostler et al.)

Elliptic Flow Suppression due to Hadron Mass Spectrum    [PDF]

Jacquelyn Noronha-Hostler, Jorge Noronha, Gabriel S. Denicol, Rone P. G. Andrade, Frederique Grassi, Carsten Greiner

1302.7115 (Takatoshi Ichikawa et al.)

Damping of Quantum Vibrations Revealed in Deep Sub-barrier Fusion    [PDF]

Takatoshi Ichikawa, Kenichi Matsuyanagi

1302.7117 (Xiaojun Bao et al.)

Spontaneous fission half-lives of heavy and superheavy nuclei within a
generalized liquid drop model

Xiaojun Bao, Hongfei Zhang, G. Royer, Junqing Li

1302.7200 (Shung-Ichi Ando)

The Born series for $S$-wave quartet $nd$ scattering at small cutoff

Shung-Ichi Ando

1302.7294 (H. Hergert et al.)

Ab Initio Calculations of Even Oxygen Isotopes with Chiral Two- Plus
Three-Nucleon Interactions

H. Hergert, S. Binder, A. Calci, J. Langhammer, R. Roth

1302.7299 (Volker Crede et al.)

Progress Toward Understanding Baryon Resonances    [PDF]

Volker Crede, Winston Roberts