Tuesday, May 28, 2013

1305.5926 (Edmond Iancu et al.)

Gluon splitting in a shockwave    [PDF]

Edmond Iancu, Julien Laidet

1305.6013 (Sumanta Das et al.)

Quantum interference effects in an ensemble of $^{229}$Th nuclei
interacting with coherent light

Sumanta Das, Adriana Pálffy, Christoph H. Keitel

1305.6101 (I. Glavanakov et al.)

Photoproduction of $π^+p$ Pairs on the $^{16}$O Nucleus and Isobar

I. Glavanakov, P. Grabmayer, Yu. Krechetov, A. Tabachenko

1305.6117 (N. N. Achasov et al.)

Pion form factor and reactions e^+e^---> omega pi^0 and e^+e^---> pi^+
pi^- pi^+ pi^- at energies up to 2 -- 3 GeV in the many-channel approach

N. N. Achasov, A. A. Kozhevnikov

1305.6121 (A. K. Chaudhuri)

Direct photon production and interferometry in $\sqrt{s}_{NN}$=200 GeV
Au+Au and in $\sqrt{s}_{NN}$=2.76 TeV Pb+Pb collisions

A. K. Chaudhuri

1305.6132 (Y. Aritomo et al.)

Fission process of low excited nuclei with Langevin approach    [PDF]

Y. Aritomo, S. Chiba

1305.6155 (Motohiko Kusakabe et al.)

7Be charge exchange between 7Be3+ ion and exotic long-lived negatively
charged massive particle in big bang nucleosynthesis

Motohiko Kusakabe, K. S. Kim, Myung-Ki Cheoun, Toshitaka Kajino, Yasushi Kino

1305.6181 (Chirashree Lahiri et al.)

Importance of Q-values in astrophysical rp-proces    [PDF]

Chirashree Lahiri, G. Gangopadhyay

1305.6234 (Norbert Kaiser)

Single-particle potential from resummed ladder diagrams    [PDF]

Norbert Kaiser

1305.6297 (Rene Bellwied et al.)

Is there a flavor hierarchy in the deconfinement transition of QCD?    [PDF]

Rene Bellwied, Szabolcs Borsanyi, Zoltan Fodor, Sandor D Katz, Claudia Ratti