Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1109.3452 (H. J. de Vega et al.)

Role of Sterile Neutrino Warm Dark Matter in Rhenium and Tritium Beta

H. J. de Vega, O. Moreno, E. Moya de Guerra, M. Ramon Medrano, N. Sanchez

1209.4966 (Takashi Nakatsukasa)

Density functional approaches to atomic nuclei    [PDF]

Takashi Nakatsukasa

1209.4969 (Takashi Nakatsukasa et al.)

Linear-response calculation in the time-dependent density functional

Takashi Nakatsukasa, Tsunenori Inakura, Paolo Avogadro, Shuichiro Ebata, Koichi Sato, Kazuhiro Yabana

1209.4973 (Y. Fukuoka et al.)

Stochastic approach to correlations beyond the mean field with the
Skyrme interaction

Y. Fukuoka, T. Nakatsukasa, Y. Funaki, K. Yabana

1209.4999 (Ngoc B Nguyen et al.)

Investigation of the triple-alpha reaction in a full three-body approach    [PDF]

Ngoc B Nguyen, Filomena M Nunes, Ian J Thompson

1209.5001 (F. Sammarruca et al.)

Dirac-Brueckner-Hartree-Fock versus chiral effective field theory    [PDF]

F. Sammarruca, B. Chen, L. Coraggio, N. Itaco, R. Machleidt

1209.5048 (M. Kohno)

Strength of reduced two-body spin-orbit interaction from chiral
three-nucleon force

M. Kohno

1209.5068 (Yukinao Akamatsu)

Real-time quantum dynamics of heavy quark systems at high temperature    [PDF]

Yukinao Akamatsu

1209.5153 (Sreemoyee Sarkar et al.)

Non-Fermi liquid behavior of thermal relaxation time in degenerate
electron gas

Sreemoyee Sarkar, Abhee K. Dutt-Mazumder

1209.5217 (P. G. Bizzeti et al.)

Isospin Symmetry violation in mirror E1 transitions: Coherent
contributions from the Giant Isovector Monopole Resonance in 67As - 67Se

P. G. Bizzeti, G. de Angelis, S. M. Lenzi, R. Orlandi

1209.5258 (K. Washiyama et al.)

New parameterization of Skyrme's interaction for regularized
multi-reference energy density functional calculations

K. Washiyama, K. Bennaceur, B. Avez, M. Bender, P. -H. Heenen, V. Hellemans

1209.5263 (Y. Zhang et al.)

Pair correlation of giant halo nuclei in continuum
Skyrme-Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov theory

Y. Zhang, M. Matsuo, J. Meng

1209.5295 (Dipangkar Dutta et al.)

The search for the onset of Color Transparency: a status report    [PDF]

Dipangkar Dutta, Kawtar Hafidi

1209.5296 (J. W. Holt et al.)

Chiral Fermi liquid approach to neutron matter    [PDF]

J. W. Holt, N. Kaiser, W. Weise

1209.5315 (H. J. Pirner et al.)

Universal Centrality Dependence of Particle Multiplicities in Heavy-Ion

H. J. Pirner, K. Reygers, B. Z. Kopeliovich

1209.5379 (A. Tawfik et al.)

Particle Production at RHIC and LHC Energies    [PDF]

A. Tawfik, E. Gamal, A. G. Shalaby