Friday, July 19, 2013

1307.5060 (Piotr Bozek et al.)

Mass hierarchy in identified particle distributions in proton-lead

Piotr Bozek, Wojciech Broniowski, Giorgio Torrieri
We study the mass dependence for identified particle average transverse momentum, flow coefficients, and the "ridge" correlations in proton-lead (p-Pb) collisions, recently measured at the LHC. The collective mechanism in the p-Pb predicts a specific mass ordering in these observables, the growth of the average transverse momentum with the particle mass and a mass splitting of the elliptic flow coefficient, i.e., smaller differential elliptic flow of protons than pions for $p_\perp<2$GeV. This provides an opportunity to distinguish the collective scenario and the mechanism based on the initial gluon dynamics in the evolution of the p-Pb system.
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