Thursday, June 6, 2013

1306.1193 (Florian Divotgey et al.)

Phenomenology of axial-vector and pseudovector mesons and their mixing
in the kaonic sector

Florian Divotgey, Lisa Olbrich, Francesco Giacosa
We study the decays of the lightest axial-vector and pseudovector mesons, interpreted as quark-antiquark states, into a vector and a pseudoscalar mesons. We show that the quarkonium assignment delivers a good description of the decays and allows also to make further testable predictions. In the kaonic sector, the physical resonances $K_{1}(1270)$ and $K_{1}(1400)$ emerge as mixed objects of an axial vector state $K_{1,A}$ and a pseudovector state $K_{1,B}$. We determine the mixing angle as $\left\vert \theta_{K}\right\vert =\left( 33.6\pm4.3\right) ^{\circ}$, a value compatible with previous studies but with a smaller uncertainty. This result may be helpful for testing models beyond the Standard Model of particle physics in which decays into the kaonic resonances $K_{1}(1270)$ and $K_{1}(1400)$ are investigated.
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