Thursday, October 18, 2012

1210.4755 (C. Garcia-Recio et al.)

Odd parity bottom-flavored baryon resonances    [PDF]

C. Garcia-Recio, J. Nieves, O. Romanets, L. L. Salcedo, L. Tolos
The LHCb Collaboration has recently observed two narrow baryon resonances with beauty. Their masses and decay modes look consistent with the quark model orbitally excited states Lambda_b(5912) and Lambda*_b(5920), with quantum numbers J^P=1/2^- and 3/2^-, respectively. We predict the existence of these states within a unitarized meson-baryon coupled-channel dynamical model, which implements heavy-quark spin symmetry. Masses, quantum numbers and couplings of these resonances to the different meson-baryon channels are obtained. We find that the resonances Lambda^0_b(5912) and Lambda^0_b(5920) are heavy-quark spin symmetry partners, which naturally explains their approximate mass degeneracy. Corresponding bottom-strange baryon resonances are predicted at Xi_b(6035.4) (J^P=1/2^-) and Xi_b(6043.3) (J^P=3/2^-). The two Lambda_b and two Xi_b resonances complete a multiplet of SU(3)-flavor times heavy-quark spin symmetry.
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