Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1307.4001 (D. Cabrera et al.)

The $πρ$ Cloud Contribution to the $ω$ Width in Nuclear Matter    [PDF]

D. Cabrera, R. Rapp
The width of the $\omega$ meson in cold nuclear matter is computed in a hadronic many-body approach, focusing on a detailed treatment of the medium modifications of intermediate $\pi\rho$ states. The $\pi$ and $\rho$ propagators are dressed by their selfenergies in nuclear matter taken from previously constrained many-body calculations. The pion selfenergy includes $Nh$ and $\Delta h$ excitations with short-range correlations, while the $\rho$ selfenergy incorporates the same dressing of its $2\pi$ cloud with a full 3-momentum dependence and vertex corrections, as well as direct resonance-hole excitations; both contributions were quantitatively fit to total photo-absorption spectra and $\pi N\to\rho N$ scattering. Our calculations account for in-medium decays of type $\omega N\to \pi N^{(*)}, \pi\pi N$, and 2-body absorptions $\omega NN \to NN^{(*)}, \pi NN $. This causes deviations of the in-medium $\omega$ width from a linear behavior in density, with important contributions from spacelike $\rho$ propagators. The $\omega$ width may reach close to 200 MeV at normal nuclear matter density, which seems to resolve the discrepancy of linear $T$-$\varrho$ approximations with the values deduced from nuclear photoproduction measurements.
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