Friday, October 12, 2012

1210.3280 (Misak M. Sargsian)

New Properties of High Momentum Distribution of Nucleons in Asymmetric

Misak M. Sargsian
Based on the recent experimental confirmation of the dominance of tensor interactions in the ~250-600MeV/c momentum range of nucleons in nuclei, we suggest the existence of two new properties for high momentum distribution of nucleons in asymmetric nuclei. The {\em first} property is the approximate equality between proton and neutron high momentum distributions weighted by their relative fractions in the nucleus and the {\em second} property is the inverse proportionality of the strength of the high momentum protons and neutrons to the same relative fractions in the nucleus. Based on these two properties we modeled the high momentum distribution function for asymmetric nuclei and demonstrated that it describes reasonably well the high momentum characteristics of the $^3He$ nucleus. However the most surprising result we obtained for nuclei with large A and asymmetry, for which we predict a substantial abundance of high momentum protons relative to neutrons. For example, we predict that in the Gold there are 50% more protons with momenta above k_F\sim 260MeV/c than neutrons. Such situation may have many implications for different observations in nuclear physics ranging from medium modification of hadrons to properties of neutron stars.
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