Monday, October 15, 2012

1210.3517 (Rupa Chatterjee et al.)

Influence of initial state fluctuations on the production of thermal

Rupa Chatterjee, Hannu Holopainen, Thorsten Renk, Kari J. Eskola
Inhomogeneities in the initial QCD matter density distribution increase the production of thermal photons significantly compared to a smooth initial-state-averaged profile in the region $p_T > 1$ GeV/$c$ in an ideal hydrodynamic calculation. This relative enhancement is more pronounced for peripheral collisions, for smaller size systems as well as for lower beam energies. A suitably normalized ratio of central-to-peripheral yield of thermal photons reduce the uncertainties in the hydrodynamical initial conditions and can be a useful parameter to study the density fluctuations and their size. The fluctuations in the initial density distribution also lead to a larger elliptic flow of thermal photons for $p_T >$ 2.0 GeV/$c$ compared to the flow from a smooth profile.
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