Friday, May 24, 2013

1305.5284 (Fu-Ming Liu)

Glasma phase appears before QGP formation-- a hot matter without photon

Fu-Ming Liu
In this paper, we prove that Glasma, a plasma of pure gluons, exists before the formation of quark gluon plasma (QGP) in realistic heavy ion collisions.Thus, the systems of heavy ion collisions go through three phases, Glasma, QGP and hadronic gas. The existence of Glasma phase is extremely helpful to explain several puzzles related to direct photons and dileptons. Other observables in this picture are also addressed. The physics condition of phase transition from Glasma to QGP is expected to be extracted based on realistic hydro calculation on photons and dileptons, where experimental data on dileptons are strongly expected. Thus, Glasma provides matter state which is so hot but no photon emission, which is certainly interesting to astrophysics, for example, a candidate of dark matter or dark energy.
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