Wednesday, May 29, 2013

1305.6318 (Kyle Lawson et al.)

Quark (Anti) Nugget Dark Matter    [PDF]

Kyle Lawson, Ariel R. Zhitnitsky
We review a testable dark matter model outside of the standard WIMP paradigm in which the observed ratio $\Omega_{\rm dark} \simeq 5\cdot \Omega_{\rm visible}$ for visible and dark matter densities finds its natural explanation as a result of their common QCD origin. Special emphasis is placed on the observational consequences of this model and on the detection prospects for present or planned experiments. In particular, we argue that the relative intensities for a number of observed excesses of emission (covering more than 11 orders of magnitude) can be explained by this model without any new fundamental parameters as all relative intensities for these emissions are determined by standard and well established physics.
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