Friday, May 31, 2013

1305.6638 (Jonathan W. Engle et al.)

Cross sections from proton irradiation of thorium at 800 MeV    [PDF]

Jonathan W. Engle, Stepan G. Mashnik, John W. Weidner, Laura E. Wolfsberg, Michael E. Fassbender, Kevin Jackman, Aaron Couture, Leo J. Bitteker, John L. Ullmann, Mark S. Gulley, Chandra Pillai, Kevin D. John, Eva R. Birnbaum, Francois M. Nortier
Nuclear formation cross sections are reported for 65 nuclides produced from 800-MeV proton irradiation of thorium foils. These data are useful as benchmarks for computational predictions in the ongoing process of theoretical code development and also to the design of spallation-based radioisotope production currently being considered for multiple radiotherapeutic pharmaceutical agents. Measured data are compared with the predictions of three MCNP6 event generators and used to evaluate the potential for 800-MeV productions of radioisotopes of interest for medical radiotherapy. In only a few instances code predictions are discrepant from measured values by more than a factor of two, demonstrating satisfactory predictive power across a large mass range. Similarly, agreement between measurements presented here and those previously reported is good, lending credibility to predictions of target yields and radioimpurities for high-energy accelerator-produced radionuclides.
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