Monday, June 10, 2013

1306.1749 (Eun-Joo Kim et al.)

Parity Odd Domain Structure with Generalized $θ$ Vacuum    [PDF]

Eun-Joo Kim, Jong Bum Choi
Recent experiments in heavy ion collisions have shown the possibility of creating parity-odd domains resulting from the $\theta$ term in strong interaction Lagrangian. The $\theta$ term originates from the nontrivial solution of QCD vacuum known as the $\theta$ vacuum, and the value of $\theta$ is taken to be a function of spacetime coordinates in the parity-odd domains. This means that we have to consider different theories at each point so that we need to devise a new approach to define the QCD vacuum. In this Letter, we suggest a method to generalize the $\theta$ vacuum by exploiting the dimension 2 condensates and to calculate the parity-odd domain structure as the union of gauge slices defined by the constant value of dimension 2 condensate.
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