Wednesday, June 12, 2013

1306.2613 (Stefano I. Finazzo et al.)

Estimates for the Thermal Width of Heavy Quarkonia in Strongly Coupled
Plasmas from Holography

Stefano I. Finazzo, Jorge Noronha
The gauge/gravity duality is used to investigate the imaginary part of the heavy quark potential (defined via the rectangular Wilson loop) in strongly coupled plasmas. This quantity can be used to estimate the width of heavy quarkonia in a plasma at strong coupling. In this paper the thermal worldsheet fluctuation method, proposed in [J. Noronha and A. Dumitru, Phys.\ Rev.\ Lett.\ {\bf 103}, 152304 (2009)], is revisited and general conditions for the existence of an imaginary part for the heavy quark potential computed within classical gravity models are obtained. We prove a general result that establishes the connection between this imaginary part of the potential determined holographically and the area law displayed by the Wilson loop in the vacuum of confining gauge theories. We also determine the imaginary part of the heavy quark potential in a strongly coupled plasma dual to Gauss-Bonnet gravity. This provides an estimate of how the thermal width of heavy quarkonia changes with the shear viscosity to entropy density ratio, $\eta/s$, at strong coupling.
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