Thursday, June 13, 2013

1306.2722 (Dong Wang et al.)

$ρ- ω$ Mixing in $J/ψ\to VP$ Decays    [PDF]

Dong Wang, Yong Ban, Gang Li
The study on $\rho-\omega$ mixing is mainly focused on vector mesons decay with isospin I=1, namely $\rho(\omega)\to\pi^+\pi^-$ process. In this paper, we present the study of $\rho-\omega$ mixing in $\rho(\omega)\to\pi^+\pi^-\pi^0$ (I=0) using a flavor parameterization model for $J/\psi\to VP$ process. By fitting theoretical frame to PDG data, we obtain the SU(3)-breaking effect parameters $s_V=0.03\pm 0.12,\ s_P=0.17\pm 0.17$ and the $\rho-\omega$ mixing polarization operator $\Pi_{\rho \omega}=0.006\pm 0.011\text{\text{GeV}}^2$. The branching ratios are also renewed when mixing effect is incorporated: $Br(J/\psi\to \omega\pi^0) = (3.64 \pm 0.37)\times 10^{-4}$, $Br(J/\psi\to \omega\eta) = (1.48 \pm 0.17)\times 10^{-3}$, $Br(J/\psi\to \omega\eta^{\prime}) = (1.55\pm 0.56)\times 10^{-4}$; they are different from the corresponding PDG2012 values by 19%, 15% and 15%, respectively.
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