Friday, June 14, 2013

1306.3094 (V. M. Kolomietz et al.)

Gibbs-Tolman approach to the curved interface effects in asymmetric

V. M. Kolomietz, A. I. Sanzhur
We redefine the surface tension coefficient and the symmetry energy for an asymmetric nuclear Fermi-liquid drop with a finite diffuse layer. Considering two-component charged Fermi-liquid drop and following Gibbs-Tolman concept, we introduce the equimolar radius $R_{e}$ of sharp surface droplet at which the surface tension is applied and the radius of tension surface $R_{s}$ (Laplace radius) which provides the minimum of the surface tension coefficient $\sigma$. We have shown that the nuclear Tolman length $\xi$ is negative and the modulus of $\xi$ growth quadratically with asymmetry parameter $X=(N-Z)/(N+Z)$.
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