Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1306.4155 (Sergue Vinitsky et al.)

Symbolic-numerical Algorithm for Generating Cluster Eigenfunctions:
Tunneling of Clusters Through Repulsive Barriers

Sergue Vinitsky, Alexander Gusev, Ochbadrakh Chuluunbaatar, Vitaly Rostovtsev, Luong Le Hai, Vladimir Derbov, Pavel Krassovitskiy
A model for quantum tunnelling of a cluster comprising A identical particles, coupled by oscillator-type potential, through short-range repulsive potential barriers is introduced for the first time in the new symmetrized-coordinate representation and studied within the s-wave approximation. The symbolic-numerical algorithms for calculating the effective potentials of the close-coupling equations in terms of the cluster wave functions and the energy of the barrier quasistationary states are formulated and implemented using the Maple computer algebra system. The effect of quantum transparency, manifesting itself in nonmonotonic resonance-type dependence of the transmission coefficient upon the energy of the particles, the number of the particles A=2,3,4, and their symmetry type, is analyzed. It is shown that the resonance behavior of the total transmission coefficient is due to the existence of barrier quasistationary states imbedded in the continuum.
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