Monday, June 24, 2013

1306.5208 (V. Vovchenko et al.)

Longitudinal fluctuations of the center-of-mass of the participants in
heavy-ion collisions

V. Vovchenko, D. Anchishkin, L. P. Csernai
A model for computing the probability density of event-by-event participant center-of-mass rapidity y^{c.m.} is presented. The evaluations of y^{c.m.}-distribution are performed for different collision energies and different centralities. We show, that for certain conditions the rapidity distribution is described by Gaussian distribution with a variance determined mostly by the collision centrality. It is found that the width of the y^{c.m.}-distribution increases strongly for more peripheral collisions, while it depends weakly on the collision energy. Other theoretical estimates of rapidity distribution are presented and questions of interaction and separation between spectators and participants are discussed.
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