Tuesday, June 25, 2013

1306.5687 (M. Naghdi)

Comparing Some Nucleon-Nucleon Potentials    [PDF]

M. Naghdi
The aim is to compare a few Nucleon-Nucleon (NN) potentials especially Reid68, Reid68-Day, Reid93, UrbanaV14, ArgonneV18, Nijmegen 93, Nijmegen I, Nijmegen II. Although these potentials have some likenesses and are almost phenomenological, they include in general different structures and its own characteristics. The potentials are constructed in a manner that fit the NN scattering data or phase shifts and are compared in this way. A high-quality scale of a potential is that it fits the data with $\chi^{2}/N_{data} \approx 1$, describes well deuteron properties or gives satisfactory results in nuclear structure calculations. However, these scales have some failures. Here, we first compare many potentials by confronting with data. Then, we try to compare the potential forms by considering the potential structures directly and therefore regarding their substantial basis somehow. On the other hand, since the potentials are written in different schema, it is necessary to write the potentials in a unique schema to compare. Because three major terms in NN interaction are central, tensor and spin-orbit terms; So, to perform a reduction plan and arrive in a common structure, we choose the Reid's potential form. Then, we compare the potentials for some states and address some other related issues.
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