Thursday, June 27, 2013

1306.6241 (Vladimir Plujko et al.)

Nuclear Level Density within Extended Superfluid Model with Collective
State Enhancement

Vladimir Plujko, Oleksandr Gorbachenko, Boris Bondar, Evgeniy Rovenskykh
For nuclear level densities, a modification of an enhanced generalized superfluid model with different collective state enhancement factors is studied. An effect of collective states on forming the temperature is taken into account. The ready-to-use tables for the asymptotic value of $a$-parameter of level density as well as for addition shift to excitation energy are prepared using the chi-square fit of the theoretical values of neutron resonance spacing and cumulative number of low-energy levels to experimental values. The systematics of these parameters as a function of mass number and neutron excess are obtained. The collective state effect on gamma-ray spectra and excitation functions of neutron-induced nuclear reactions is investigated by the use of EMPIRE 3.1 code with modified enhanced generalized superfluid model for nuclear level density.
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