Sunday, July 21, 2013

0911.5705 (Reinhard Stock et al.)

Hadron Formation and the Phase Diagram of QCD Matter    [PDF]

Reinhard Stock, Francesco Becattini, Thorsten Kollegger, Michael Mitrovski, Tim Schuster
We investigate hadronic species freeze-out systematics in A+A collisions at low SPS energies, corresponding to a baryochemical potential above 300 MeV, analyzing NA49 hadron production data in the framework of the statistical hadronization model, and in the UrQMD hadronic transport model. Observing no deviation from universal grand canonical hadro-chemical equilibrium freeze-out, we argue that the observed hadronic freeze-out points should universally signal the boundary line of the hadronic phase in the QCD matter phase diagram.
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