Monday, July 1, 2013

1306.6683 (M. R. Hadizadeh)

Three-Body Bound State Calculations by Using Three-Dimensional Low
Momentum Interaction $V_{low-k}$

M. R. Hadizadeh
Three-dimensional (3D) Faddeev integral equations are solved for three-body (3B) bound state problem by using the non partial wave (PW) form of low momentum two-body (2B) interaction $V_{low-k}$ which is constructed from spin independent Malfliet-Tjon III (MT-III) potential. The dependence of 3B binding energy on the cutoff momentum of $V_{low-k}$ is investigated for a wide range of $\Lambda$ from 1.0 to $7.0\, fm^{-1}$. The properties of Faddeev components and 3B wave function are displayed and the effect of number of grid points for momentum and angle variables on the accuracy and the stability of numerical results is studied by calculation of the expectation value of total Hamiltonian.
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