Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1307.0026 (L. Chang et al.)

Pion electromagnetic form factor at spacelike momenta    [PDF]

L. Chang, I. C. Cloet, C. D. Roberts, S. M. Schmidt, P. C. Tandy
A novel method is employed to compute the pion electromagnetic form factor, F_\pi(Q^2), on the entire domain of spacelike momentum transfer using the Dyson-Schwinger equation (DSE) framework in quantum chromodynamics (QCD). The DSE architecture unifies this prediction with that of the pion's valence-quark parton distribution amplitude (PDA). Using this PDA, the leading-order, leading-twist perturbative QCD result for Q^2 F_\pi(Q^2) underestimates the full computation by just 15% on Q^2>~8GeV^2, in stark contrast with the result obtained using the asymptotic PDA. The analysis shows that hard contributions to the pion form factor dominate for Q^2>~8GeV^2 but, even so, the magnitude of Q^2 F_\pi(Q^2) reflects the scale of dynamical chiral symmetry breaking, a pivotal emergent phenomenon in the Standard Model.
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