Friday, July 5, 2013

1307.1231 (E. Ruiz Arriola et al.)

Implicit vs Explicit Renormalization and Effective Interactions    [PDF]

E. Ruiz Arriola, S. Szpigel, V. S. Timoteo
Effective interactions can be obtained from a renormalization group analysis in two complementary ways. One can either explicitly integrate out higher energy modes or impose given conditions at low energies for a cut-off theory. While the first method is numerically involved, the second one can be solved almost analytically. In both cases we compare the out coming effective interactions for the two nucleon system as functions of the cut-off scale and find a strikingly wide energy region where both approaches overlap, corresponding to relevant scales in light nuclei about 200MeV. This amounts to a great simplification in the determination of the effective interaction parameters.
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