Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1307.1808 (Iain W. Stewart et al.)

Jet p_T Resummation in Higgs Production at NNLL'+NNLO    [PDF]

Iain W. Stewart, Frank J. Tackmann, Jonathan R. Walsh, Saba Zuberi
We present predictions for Higgs production via gluon fusion with a p_T veto on jets and with the resummation of jet-veto logarithms at NNLL'+$NNLO order. These results incorporate explicit O(alphas^2) calculations of soft and beam functions, which include the dominant dependence on the jet radius R. In particular the NNLL' order accounts for the correct boundary conditions for the N3LL resummation, for which the only unknown ingredients are higher-order anomalous dimensions. We use scale variations in a factorization theorem in both rapidity and virtuality space to estimate the perturbative uncertainties, accounting for both higher fixed-order corrections as well as higher-order towers of jet-p_T logarithms. This formalism also predicts the correlations in the theory uncertainty between the exclusive 0-jet and inclusive 1-jet bins. At the values of R used experimentally, there are important corrections due to jet algorithm clustering that include logarithms of R. Although we do not sum logarithms of R, we do include an explicit contribution in our uncertainty estimate to account for higher-order jet clustering logarithms. Precision predictions for this H+0-jet cross section and its theoretical uncertainty are an integral part of Higgs analyses that employ jet binning.
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