Thursday, July 11, 2013

1307.2626 (Yu. E. Titarenko et al.)

Excitation Function of the nat-Ta(p,x)178m2-Hf Reaction    [PDF]

Yu. E. Titarenko, K. V. Pavlov, V. I. Rogov, A. Yu. Titarenko, S. N. Yuldashev, V. M. Zhivun, A. V. Ignatyuk, S. G. Mashnik, S. Leray, A. Boudard, J. -C. David, D. Mancusi, J. Cugnon, Y. Yariv, K. Nishihara, N. Matsuda, H. Kumawat, A. Yu. Stankovskiy
178m2-Hf is an extremely interesting isomeric state due to its potential energy capacity level. One possible way to obtain it is by irradiation of a nat-Ta sample with a high-current proton accelerator. Up to now, there was no information in the international experimental nuclear data base (EXFOR) for this reaction. Irradiations of nat-Ta samples performed for other purposes provide an opportunity to address this question. This paper presents the 172m2-Hf independent production cross-sections determined by gamma-ray spectrometry. The nat-Ta(p,x)172m2-Hf excitation function is studied in the 20-3500 MeV energy range. Comparisons with results by several nuclear models (ISABEL, Bertini, INCL4.5+ABLA07, PHITS, CASCADE07, and CEM03.02) used as event-generators in modern transport codes are also reported. However, since such models are generally not able to separately predict ground and isomeric states of reaction products, only 178-Hf independent and cumulative cross-section data are compared.
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