Monday, July 15, 2013

1307.3415 (Yu. N. Uzikov et al.)

Elastic pbar-d scattering and total pbar-d cross sections revisited    [PDF]

Yu. N. Uzikov, J. Haidenbauer
We update our recent analysis [arXiv:1212.1640] of pbar-d scattering, performed within the Glauber theory including the single- and double pbar-N scattering mechanisms. Specifically, now we consider also Nbar-N amplitudes from a new partial-wave analysis of pbar-p scattering data. Predictions for differential cross sections and the spin observables A_y^d, A_y^pbar, A_xx, A_yy are presented for antiproton beam energies between 50 and 300 MeV. Total polarized cross sections are calculated utilizing the optical theorem. The efficiency of the polarization buildup for antiprotons in a storage ring is investigated.
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