Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1307.6019 (Julien Serreau et al.)

Covariant gauges without Gribov ambiguities in Yang-Mills theories    [PDF]

Julien Serreau, Matthieu Tissier, Andréas Tresmontant
We propose a formulation of a certain class of nonlinear covariant gauges as an extremization procedure that can be implemented on the lattice. At high energies, where the Gribov ambiguities can be ignored, this reduces to the Curci-Ferrari-Delbourgo-Jarvis gauges. We further propose a continuum formulation in terms of a local action which is free of Gribov ambiguities and avoids the Neuberger zero problem of the standard Faddeev-Popov construction. This involves an averaging over Gribov copies with a nonuniform weight, which introduces a new gauge-fixing parameter. We show that the proposed gauge-fixed action is perturbatively renormalizable in four dimensions and we provide explicit expressions of the renormalization factors at one loop. We discuss the possible implications of the present proposal for the calculation of Yang-Mills correlators.
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