Thursday, August 1, 2013

1307.8098 (Sylvain Mogliacci et al.)

Equation of State of hot and dense QCD: Resummed perturbation theory
confronts lattice data

Sylvain Mogliacci, Jens O. Andersen, Michael Strickland, Nan Su, Aleksi Vuorinen
We perform a detailed analysis of the predictions of resummed perturbation theory for the pressure and the second, fourth and sixth order diagonal quark number susceptibilities in a hot and dense quark-gluon plasma. First, we present a full one-loop calculation of the equation of state within hard-thermal-loop perturbation theory, and then perform a resummation of the existing four-loop weak coupling expression of the pressure, motivated by dimensional reduction. The convergence properties of the results are analyzed and their agreement with state-of-the-art lattice data discussed. Finally, we compare the full one-loop hard-thermal-loop results to previous ones that employ an expansion in the ratios of thermal masses and the temperature, concluding that the expansion converges reasonably fast.
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