Thursday, May 23, 2013

1305.4978 (T. Furumoto et al.)

Investigation of 3/2$_2^-$ state of $^{9}$Li nucleus with microscopic
structure and reaction models

T. Furumoto, T. Suhara, N. Itagaki
The low-lying states of the $^{9}$Li nucleus are investigated with a unified framework of microscopic structure and reaction models. In the structure model, the wave function is fully antisymmetrized and the $^{9}$Li nucleus is described as an $\alpha$ + $t$ + $n$ + $n$ four-body system, and low-lying 1/2$^{-}$, 3/2$^{-}$, 5/2$^{-}$, and 7/2$^{-}$ states are obtained by the stochastic multi-configuration mixing method. Using these wave functions, the quasi-elastic cross section at $E/A$ = 60 MeV and the elastic and inelastic cross sections at $E/A$ = 50 MeV on the $^{12}$C target are calculated in the framework of the microscopic coupled channel (MCC) method. The characteristic inelastic angular distribution is seen in the 3/2$_{2}^{-}$ state, whose $\alpha+t$ cluster structure and valence neutron configurations are discussed in detail. We find the possibility of triaxial deformation and mixing of di-neutron components in the $^{9}$Li nucleus.
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