Thursday, May 23, 2013

1305.5020 (Xiao-Ming Xu et al.)

Early thermalization of quark-gluon matter with the elastic scattering
of ggq and ggqbar

Xiao-Ming Xu, Zhen-Yu Shen, Zhi-Cheng Ye, Wei-Jie Xu
Elastic gluon-gluon-quark (gluon-gluon-antiquark) scattering is studied in perturbative QCD with 123 Feynman diagrams at the tree level. Individually squared amplitudes and interference terms of the Feynman diagrams are derived. With the elastic gluon-gluon-quark scattering and the elastic gluon-gluon-antiquark scattering transport equations are established. In the thermalization process of initially created quark-gluon matter, this matter is governed by elastic 2-to-2 scattering and elastic 3-to-3 scattering. Solutions of the transport equations show that initially created quark-gluon matter takes early thermalization, i.e., thermal states are established rapidly. Different thermalization times of gluon matter and quark matter are obtained.
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