Monday, June 3, 2013

1305.7279 (C. -J. Yang et al.)

The longitudinal response function of the deuteron in chiral effective
field theory

C. -J. Yang, Daniel R. Phillips
We use chiral effective field theory (EFT) to make predictions for the longitudinal electromagnetic response function of the deuteron, f_L, which is measured in d(e,e'N) reactions. In this case the impulse approximation gives the full chiral EFT result up to O(P^3) relative to leading. By varying the cutoff in the chiral EFT calculations between 0.6 and 1 GeV we conclude that the calculation is accurate to better than 10 % for values of q^2 within 4 fm^{-2} of the quasi-free peak, up to final-state energies E_{np}=60 MeV. In these regions chiral EFT is in reasonable agreement with predictions for f_L obtained using the Bonn potential. We also find good agreement with existing experimental data on f_L, albeit in a more restricted kinematic domain.
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