Monday, June 3, 2013

1305.7354 (Qian-Fei Xiang et al.)

Effects of fermionic dark matter on properties of neutron stars    [PDF]

Qian-Fei Xiang, Wei-Zhou Jiang, Dong-Rui Zhang, Rong-Yao Yang
By assuming that there is only gravitation between dark matter (DM) and normal matter (NM), we study the properties of DM admixed neutron stars (DANSs) using a two-fluid TOV formalism. We have considered fermionic DM candidates with various masses and interactions and studied their effects on the properties of neutron stars. It is found that the mass-radius relationship of DANSs depends sensitively on the mass of DM candidate, the amount of DM, and interactions among DM candidates. The existence of DM in DANSs results in a spread of mass-radius relationships that cannot be interpreted with a unique equilibrium sequence. In some cases, the DM distribution can surpass the NM distribution to form DM halo. Specifically, if the repulsion of DM exists supposedly, it is favorable to form an explicit DM halo. We have found that the contamination of DM in neutron stars can significantly affect the astrophysical extraction of nuclear EOS by virtue of neutron star measurements. It is interesting to find that the difference caused by various density dependencies of nuclear symmetry energy can run to disappear, as long as the repulsion of accumulated DM is sufficient.
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