Monday, June 17, 2013

1306.3271 (Yong-Jing Chen et al.)

The calculation of prompt fission neutron spectrum for 233U(n,f)
reaction by the semi-empirical method

Yong-Jing Chen, Jia Min, Ting-Jin Liu, Neng-Chuan Shu
The prompt fission neutron spectra for neutron-induced fission of 233U for low energy neutrons (below 6 MeV) are calculated using the nuclear evaporation theory with a semi-empirical method, in which the partition of the total excitation energy between the fission fragments for the nth+233U fission reactions are determined with the available experimental and evaluation data. The calculated prompt fission neutron spectra agree well with the experimental data. The proportions of high- energy outgoing neutrons of prompt fission neutron spectrum versus incident neutron energies are investigated with the theoretical spectra, and the results are consistent with the systematics. We conclude that the semi-empirical method is sound, and it could be a useful tool for prompt fission neutron spectra evaluation.
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