Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1306.5741 (Hua Zheng et al.)

Coulomb corrections to density and temperature of bosons in heavy ion

Hua Zheng, Gianluca Giuliani, Aldo Bonasera
A recently proposed method, based on quadrupole and multiplicity fluctuations in heavy ion collisions, is modified in order to take into account distortions due to the Coulomb field. This is particularly interesting for bosons produced in heavy ion collisions, such as $d$ and $\alpha$ particles. We derive temperatures and densities seen by the bosons and compare to similar calculations for fermions. The resulting energy densities agree rather well with each other and with the one derived from neutrons. This suggests that a common phenomenon, such as the sudden opening of many reaction channels and/or a liquid gas phase transition, is responsible for the agreement.
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