Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1306.5921 (A. Ramos et al.)

The width of the omega meson in the nuclear medium    [PDF]

A. Ramos, L. Tolos, R. Molina, E. Oset
We evaluate the width of the \omega\ meson in nuclear matter. We consider the free decay mode of the \omega\ into three pions, which is dominated by \rho\pi\ decay, and replace the \rho\ and \pi\ propagators by their medium modified ones. We also take into account the quasielastic and inelastic processes induced by a vector-baryon interaction dominated by vector meson exchange, as well as the contributions coming from the \omega\ \to K \bar K mechanism with medium modified K, \bar K meson propagators. We obtain a substantial increase of the \omega\ width in the medium, reaching a value of 114 \pm 10 MeV at normal nuclear matter density, which comes mainly from \omega N \to \pi \pi N, \omega NN \to \pi NN processes associated to the dominant \omega\ \to \rho\pi\ decay mode.
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