Monday, May 27, 2013

1305.5579 (Wang Hong Min et al.)

Influence of the Nucleon Hard Partons Distribution on J/ΨSuppression
in a GMC Framework

Wang Hong Min, Hou Zhao Yu, Sun Xian Jing
In a Glauber Monte Carlo framework, taking account of the transverse spatial distribution of hard partons in the nucleon, we analyse the nuclear modification factor $R_{dAu}$ for $J/\psi$ in d+Au collisions with the EPS09 shadowing parametrization. After the influence of nucleon hard partons distribution is considered, a clearly upward correction is revealed for the dependence of $R_{dAu}$ on $N_{coll}$ in peripheral d+Au collisions, however, an unconspicuous correction is shown for the results versus $p_{T}$. The theoretical results are in good agreement with the experimental data from PHENIX.
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