Monday, May 27, 2013

1305.5702 (Payal Mohanty et al.)

Two Photon Correlation in Anisotropic Quark-gluon plasma (aQGP)    [PDF]

Payal Mohanty, Mahatsab Mandal, Pradip K Roy
The only way to obtain the space-time structure of heavy ion collision is through the study of two-particle momentum correlations. Thus we have studied the intensity correlation for the photons having fixed transverse momentum of one of the photons ($k_{1T}$= 2 GeV) in anisotropic Quark Gluon Plasma (aQGP) to have an idea about emission zone in presence of initial momentum anisotropy. The {\em free streaming interpolating} model with fixed initial condition has been used for the space-time evolution for most central collision at RHIC energy. The variation of Bose-Einstein correlation function (BECF), $C_2$, for two identical photons as a function of $q_{out}$, $q_{side}$ and $q_{long}$ is evaluated. We have restricted our analysis only to QGP phase to know the effect of anisotropy on the correlation function and HBT radii extracted. It is observed that the longitudinal dimension of the reaction zone is mostly affected due to the presence of momentum space anisotropy.
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